Venice, Italy

About Venice

Venice, the enchanting city of canals, invites you to explore its labyrinthine waterways and timeless architecture. Glide in a gondola beneath centuries-old bridges, marvel at the stunning artwork in the Doge's Palace, and lose yourself in the vibrant buzz of St. Mark's Square. This floating city captivates with its history, art, and romance.

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Venice highlights

Average temperature in June

27 °C / 81 °F

High season months

April, May, June, July, August, September

Local currency

Euro (EUR)

Local language


Closest Airports

  • Venice Marco Polo Airport (IT) - 7.7 km (4.8 mi)
  • Treviso-Sant'Angelo Airport (IT) - 25.9 km (16.1 mi)

Fun fact

The city's narrowest street, Calle Varisco, is only 53 centimeters wide.

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