Holiwise destination: Badgastein, Austria 1
Holiwise destination: Badgastein, Austria 2

Badgastein, Austria

About Badgastein

Badgastein, nestled in the Austrian Alps, charms visitors with its picturesque Belle Époque architecture and therapeutic thermal springs. This mountain retreat is perfect for skiing in winter and hiking in summer, offering breathtaking views and clear alpine air. Relax in historic spas, experience the cascading Gastein waterfall, and unwind in a setting that blends natural beauty with old-world elegance.

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Badgastein highlights

Average temperature in June

12 °C / 54 °F

High season months

December, January, February, March, April

Local currency

Euro (EUR)

Local language


Closest Airports

  • Salzburg Airport (AT) - 76.7 km (47.6 mi)
  • Klagenfurt Airport (AT) - 104.5 km (64.9 mi)
  • Munich Airport (DE) - 171.6 km (106.6 mi)
  • Vienna International Airport (AT) - 279.7 km (173.8 mi)

Fun fact

The town hosts the "Red Bull Play Streets," transforming streets into freestyle skiing.

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